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Christina Bonnett - A bit about her art
Christina Bonnett

Hello there, I’m Christina Bonnett, the creator of the artworks displayed on this website, so if you are asking yourself:

  • “Who is this woman?
  • “What is her art about?”
  • “Why does she paint in so many styles?”
  • “What can I say about her if someone asks?”

Or if you just want to know whether I’m a real person…

…You’ve hit the RIGHT page!

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Here’s a bit about my creative urges

I have been passionate about painting and drawing ever since I can remember. It is where I start whatever I want to make, whether it’s a practical solution for organising things or a major design project, such as my garden.

I have always liked making things – all sorts of things – and figuring out how to make them is the best part for me. The learning and inventing and trying different versions is exciting and absorbing.

Some would say, perhaps, it’s a mistake to be contantly moving on to the next idea or project but I would say that is also a strength.  I admit it can result in abandoning some ideas too soon before fully investigating the possibilities but…

Seldom intimidated by a new tool or medium, I dive right in and make a mess! Out of that process comes the occasional ‘aha’ and something starts to gel.

This little description that was used on a flyer for exhibitions only touches the surface:

Christina makes paintings in watercolour, oil and acrylic as well as etchings. Subjects include landscape, buildings and the human form. The work varies from lively figurative to soft detail to bold abstract.

Oh well – you can’t say it all and it does confuse people if there is too much going on.

So how does the creative process happen?

All of my artworks begin with my surroundings and responding to them. It’s an emotional response that makes me want to capture that moment or mood. The response makes me look harder and keep looking. Sometimes I want to make a record then and there – either by sketching, making a detailed drawing, making notes, taking a photograph or all of those things.

But I don’t always have to do that. When a feeling stays with me it surfaces again later. It is totally absorbing and can feel almost as if someone else is doing it, then out comes a piece that is related to those feelings. I know it is done when I can recognise that feeling.

My surroundings vary, the mood varies, I vary – nothing stays the same – and so it is with the works I create.

What is the purpose of this website?

The  Gallery, also a Portfolio, is intended to give the viewer an overall idea of the avenues I have explored over the years. Many of the paintings have been sold, some quite a long time ago, but I have made a number of them available as prints that can be bought directly from this website.

My aim is to make much more of my work available at an affordable price. In the process, I hope to be able to help or inspire other artists promote their work effectively using the many different channels now available on the internet…

What an amazing opportunity the internet can bring to any artist who learns how to spread the word about their work and reach people all over the world!

“How marvellous to be able to bring your work to the attention of people all over the world!”  Click to Tweet this

That is why I have totally re-designed my website and am now in the process of adding artwork to the Gallery as well as occasional observations and information.  You will find News, Projects and thoughts about art in ‘What’s New‘ and its sub-menu has further sections to help you find the information you want.

Bear with me please, as I gather the pictures, measurements, descriptions and relevant information.

Thank you for visiting my website, and in particular for being curious enough about me to reach as far down the page as this:)

I sincerely hope that the result will be entertaining, informative and lucrative!

I know I’ll have some fun along the way


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