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Original prints

Etchings, Aquatints and Linocuts. How they are made, What they are and information about Christina’s printmaking.

Aquatint Tones and Textures

Aquatint Tones image

When used in etching aquatint is a way of achieving subtle changes in tone from very light to deeply dark. Tone is created using texture and the texture can be so fine you can hardly see it, fairly subtle or very grainy. Aquatint is often [...]

Etching Methods and Techniques

Etching Techniques

There are various methods the artist can use to get the desired effect on the finished print. It all starts with the plate and how the acid is kept away from the parts which need to be lighter. Each of these methods result in very [...]

Etchings – what are they?

Etchings and Aquatints

What does Etching mean? An Etching is a type of Original print. Etchings are images printed from metal plates that are etched with acid. The word ‘etching’ is also used to describe the process of making the printing plate. Aquatint is one of the methods [...]