Illustrating Children’s Books

Black and white ink sketches and line drawings

Having bought brush pens for ink I made a lot of pen drawings and sketches and thought about how best to use the medium. I made patterns, sketches and drawings to use on printed products and filled some with colour.

The drawing style had potential as black and white illustrations for books and my latest ink drawings are illustrating two Children’s books. I’m happy say I have over 40 images in these two books.

The image of a polar bear and a penguin on a mat is from the second book, a tale about going Carol singing, and was published just in time for Christmas.

The book anticipates the approaching season with this November leaf-fall drawing and settles into mid-winter as the story continues.

November leaf-fall drawing
Polo and Pengy under falling leaves (ink drawing)

I’ll take this opportunity to wish you all a happy time with this sketch of three carol singers in the snow.

carol singers
Three carol singers in the snow.

Merry Christmas!

Polo and Pengy Illustrated Stories

These are the first books in a series about two fluffy toys, Polo and Pengy, illustrated inside in Black and white and I have made colour drawings for the covers.

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You might find more of Christina’s illustrated books as the series grows.

The first Polo and Pengy book tells how they met and found a new life in a happy home and the series hopes to relate stories about the pair going places and meeting creatures and people.

Polo and Pengy 2 books

In Polo and Pengy find a Home

This young lady is one of the people we encounter.

Girl with trolly
She came back with a big trolly

Pengy has a hard time keeping his beak straight…

Pengy's crooked beak
Pengy’s crooked beak

Journeys are undertaken on long country roads.

Long Country Lane
Polo and Pengy travel down Long Country Lanes

These books may appeal to a child or a grown-up and I wonder,
Could these be a suitable gift from you to someone you know ?

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Polo and Pengy Find a Home

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