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Projects I have worked on with others – Includes Commissions

Over the years, I have worked on projects with other people.
This has taken me into realms I may never have explored otherwise, for which I am grateful.
Such projects enable me to learn new skills, experience new challenges and meet new people. It is always exciting to be involved.
I will include some memorable commissions here.

Painting Dazzle Camouflage on a Kayak Using Acrylics

Paint Kayak camouflage

This is about painting a pattern on a kayak but there’s a Greenland roll at the end of the video for the kayakers among you, using a Greenland paddle. I have used many types of paint for pictures and I have painted other vehicles to [...]

Caravan Mural for Camouflage

I was asked to paint a forest on a caravan   The owner was building a verandah on one side and he wanted to be discreet, to hide the caravan in the woods. Bright white and gleaming it shone out and could be seen from [...]

Gilding on Furniture

Gilded Shelf in Silver and Gold

Gilded Finishes Christina has been involved in gilding large surfaces for built-in furniture.  This includes fitted Wardrobes for dressing rooms and units for living rooms finished in gold and silver. Individual pieces can be entirely gilded or details picked out. The furniture has to be [...]