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Happy New Year 2021

Happy New Year 2021

With hopes for a much better year ahead and good health, happy times and financial comfort for everyone, I’m not complaining.

Oh Joy, Bananas!

Detail of Bananas in Painting

Aren’t Bananas fantastic! They come in loads of shapes sizes and colours. Bananas make great subjects for paintings, they taste good and they are good for you! I always have bananas on my shopping list the moment I have only two left. I have included [...]

A Card Becomes A Mug

Masked kiss

A Card Made for a Friend is Special. Sometimes you just can’t find the right card in the local shop, and while we need to keep our distance to avoid the dreaded virus, a hand made card is the way to go. More than that, [...]

Creative in Isolation

Rainbow Loo-Rolls

Popular thought about creativity in general is contradictory at first glance. While many artists say that they are at their best in solitude, others find the presence of others fires them up. Inspiration may come from people in ordinary life and other artists, and the [...]

Custom Print Skater Dress Cockerels Design

Skater Dress Cockerels Design

Custom Print Dress with Cockerel watercolours on a White backround. Each dress is printed and hand made to order.
Watch the Video showing the printed dress and me wearing it – I was so pleased!

Painting the Grey Fergie

Painting the Grey Fergie

Tractor Painting. This Grey Fergie Tractor was parked up on the nearby hard stand for a few days undergoing a spot of TLC. The weather was fine and the ground firm so I took the opportunity to paint it in relative comfort. It was within [...]

Painting Dazzle Camouflage on a Kayak Using Acrylics

Paint Kayak camouflage

This is about painting a pattern on a kayak but there’s a Greenland roll at the end of the video for the kayakers among you, using a Greenland paddle. I have used many types of paint for pictures and I have painted other vehicles to [...]

Mural Painting Adventures

Egyptian Frieze Bathroom part

Let’s take a look at murals and friezes today. I have done my share of painting on walls but done nothing as impressive as these two Friezes in the hall of a house in Culmstock Road, Clapham. Frieze panels with mountains and sailing boats They [...]

Caravan Mural for Camouflage

I was asked to paint a forest on a caravan   The owner was building a verandah on one side and he wanted to be discreet, to hide the caravan in the woods. Bright white and gleaming it shone out and could be seen from [...]

Painting Demonstration at Brixham Art Society

Painting Demo-Brixham Art Society

Brixham Art Society invited me to give a painting demonstration in June at the Brixham Rugby Club in Devon. The subject, A Semi-abstract Landscape in Acrylics