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The Natural world doesn’t escape my attention

Not always literal in my interpretation, the large and small creatures, plants and natural phenomena of the world interest me as an artist.

Subjects include leaves, flowers, weather and animals.

Leaves – Painting a Leaf Abstracted

Leaves -Painting a Leaf

I look at leaves all the time, through every season And painting a leaf helps me to experiment with new materials and techniques without having to think first about what to paint. Leaves in some form are present in many of my paintings. The image [...]

Painting Sardines for Cardume

Christina Bonnett-Sardinhas de Portimao

It was with trepidation and delight that I undertook the task of painting a sardine for António’s Galeria XXI ‘Shoal’ project. I am visiting my mother and sister who live in the Algarve and was invited to an exhibition of the first 100 ‘sardinha’ paintings [...]