My Calendar for 2016 is Ready

Useful Calendars

It’always good to have a calendar on the wall – I always do. I like them, they  give you a new surprise or reflect a mood. I usually mourn the previous month for a few days and then find reasons to love the new one.

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Years and years ago the first colour laser copiers appeared in the copy shops. I thought they were fantastic, and so they were. The ink was of the highest quality and I still have some of the prints today, fresh as they day they came off the machine. You could almost be fooled into thinking you had the painting by the detailed way they picked up textures in thicker paint and had to touch them to check. No-one I knew owned one. You went to the copy place to have them done.

I was so thrilled with the ‘new’ technology; I made a calendar for members of my family as a Christmas present.
It was 12 little paintings that fitted on the top half of an A4 sheet of paper. I painted the squares and dates in black, on 12 sheets of paper, photocopied them and then stuck the colour copies of the paintings onto the sheets, tying them together with narrow ribbon.

They were well received, in fact one of my sisters said she still had hers not so long ago!

Calenders have long been a way to collect prints of art that we like and so I thought it was time to have another go.

The New Calendar

It’s different this time. The paintings were not done specifically for the calender, but are a collection of paintings done over time. I had thought of it first as a family gift again. I took my time over the choice of paintings, agonised over the background and the font for the text and put in my order at a ‘proper’ printers. They came, and the paper was so smoothe and nice and the colour a good reproduction. I showed them to some friends, and to my surprise and delight they loved them. I ordered more.

A Postable Prezzy

2016 Calendar

So now they are here, I have put a little video showing the calendar on this page. You can buy one if you like it, and perhaps it will solve a small Christmas present problem. Ideal for a lover of paintings, or of the wild and soft areas of Devon, the wilderness of Dartmoor, the drama of Exmoor and the mystery of the hidden winding lanes and hedges. Even a country lover can enjoy the steamy bright lights of Clapham on a winter evening, and who in the world does not love Albert bridge? I used to go there to draw quite often.

2016 Calendar – Twelve paintings by Christina Bonnett

You can buy direct from my online store Here.