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Frenchman in a Beret

Giclée print of a conté and wash drawing by Christina Bonnett

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Sketch in conté with a grey and red wash

A French man’s face as he works in the market. He wears a traditional beret perched on his head.
This is reproduced as a high quality Giclée Print on Archival paper.

Available to order – the print is mounted only and supplied unframed

Post and Packing is extra


The French berets come in several degrees of floppiness dictated by the difference between the inner circle that forms the headband and the outer circumference. I came accross them in a market and couldn’t decide on a preference. There appeared to be no particular angle of wearing it that is favoured above another, but each man gave it his own character.


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Weight0.50 kg
Dimensions47 × 37 × 5 cm


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