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Artist News and Information

Painting a Tabletop – Lunchtime on the Beach

Lunchtime on the Beach Detail

The hot weeks of Summer this year finally did for my garden table. It was already on the way out because – well, I left it out all year without any protection, and small cracks in the melamine top had allowed water into the chipboard [...]

After the Show, Devon Open Studios 2018

Devon Open Studios 2018 Visitors and Reactions Thank You My thanks to all the visitors who came to the studio to see my work. It was a great pleasure to see familiar faces and to meet new people. Here are some thoughts on the show. [...]

Devon Open Studios 2018

Outlines Devon Open Studio 2018

  I am happy to announce that I’m taking part in the Devon Open Studios event this year. Organised by the Devon Artist Network, this is a great opportunity for art lovers to visit and meet artists making a huge variety of artworks and practises [...]

Elusive Wildlife in Devon

Badger seen at dusk

A look at the Elusive Wildlife in Devon and The Fate of The Badger Devon is rich in inspiration for an artist. There is so much to explore. The rolling countryside, shaped by farming together with the farm buildings, farm animals, barns and machinery is [...]

Artists and Other Self-employed People – The Mountains We Climb

Christina Bonnett's first shop in Clapham

11th March 2017 – I heard about the Chancellor’s announcement on Wednesday to raise the class four national insurance contributions for the self-employed  to 11 per cent by 2019. It made my blood boil – but what could I say to make a difference? It [...]

North Devon Art Trek 2016 – Meet the Artists & Expand Your Horizons

Track by Ploughed Field

This Open Studio Event is a must for visiting and resident art lovers in North Devon and Exmoor this September. And I, Christina Bonnett, am part of it! UPDATE: This year, I am taking part in Devon Open Studios 2018, Click here. (opens in a [...]

Preparing My Sketching Trip To Manchester

preapartion of art materials for sketching

I am shortly going on a sketching trip and need to keep it lightweight while having a variety of materials to hand. Time now to turn out boxes and bags of portable art materials and put a kit together that will provide me with everything [...]

Flavel Arts Centre Joint Exhibition


Event Devon Artist Network, also known as DAN, is hosting another exhibition at the Flavel, showcasing the work of some of their members. I am happy to have two paintings in the exhibition. Taking the Paintings Delivery day was Monday – a wet but bright [...]

My Calendar for 2016 is Ready

Calendar 2016

Useful Calendars It’always good to have a calendar on the wall – I always do. I like them, they  give you a new surprise or reflect a mood. I usually mourn the previous month for a few days and then find reasons to love the [...]

Sardines of Portimão – Cardume Project


An imaginative gallery owner in Portimão has initiated a project highlighting the sardine and the enormous part this small tasty fish has played in the history and economy of this important town in the Algarve. The Galeria XXI ‘Cardume’, or ‘Shoal’ Project The poster for [...]